About Us


Our mission is to aggressively and professionally represent highly visible brand companies, and accomplish sales and marketing promotional goals at the highest level…

G.A. TOLTON ASSOCIATES, INC is comprised of the Principals, David G. Miller Jr, and  Joseph H. Miller, Territory Reps themselves, along with 4 other Territory Representatives and an Office Manager.  Our agency blankets the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic region of the United States with traveling sales coverage.  To date, our average level of experience in the shooting sports/outdoor sporting goods arena averages 19 years per man.  All are professionals in accomplishing their territorial sales and marketing tasks.  All team members are proficient in various electronic software applications.

Each GA TOLTON Sales Associate individually manages his own geographic area of responsibility with guidance from our Headquarters Office and Director of Sales, and maintains a personal office.

We wish to give a company the representation they expect and deserve.